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Compact AHU - SAHU
240 l/s to 3800 l/s

Available configurations

- Basic

(preconfigured or with free configuration to design).

- Compact

(preconfigured or with free configuration to design) complete with:

  • Motor-driven damper actuators
  • Three-way valve unit with heat exchanger coil actuator
  • Sensors for measuring temperature - humidity - pressure
  • Switchboard with electronic control for all selected functions and for power, safety and warning control (remote version also possible), interfaceable with supervisor systems, all fully wired and tested in the factory.



  • Weather-resistant roof and technical space for protecting the controls
  • Downdraught cowl on fresh air intake and exhaust air discharge
  • Drive casing
  • Lights and inspection window
  • Emerg
  • Inverter on fan motors


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